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What is PAYEProtect?

Are you an Agency Worker? Have you worked for multiple Recruitment Agencies? Are you sure that you have been paying the right amount of tax? Has your pay been processed in line with HMRC guidelines?

If you are an Agency Worker and your Recruitment Agency uses an outsourced payroll company, you might have been unknowingly paying the wrong Tax and NI contributions.

Most Recruitment Agencies are tax compliant, but there are a lot of Recruitment Agencies that outsource their payroll to external Payroll Providers also known as Umbrella Companies.

Some of these Umbrella Companies have been known to use unlawful and unethical practices to increase their margins. They typically claim (incorrectly in many cases) to allow Agency Workers to 'keep more of their earnings'.

So how can you check if your pay has been processed compliantly? And how can you know if you have been paying the right amount of Tax and NI while temping for a Recruitment Agency?

Baxter Personnel can help – simply upload your payslips and we will do a quick tax health check completely free of charge.

You can upload payslips from 2017 onwards, and it is completely free!

Protect yourself from tax evasion schemes, sign up to a FREE PAYE Protect today...



Why Baxter Personnel?

At Baxter Personnel we offer a complete and comprehensive service in line with the very best industry practise. As an independent recruitment agency, we approach our temporary workers directly and we do not subcontract our payroll to external umbrella or payroll companies as so often is the case with our competitors.

Our in-house payroll team operates using PAYE to ensure complete compliance.

We're proud to have a Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) license, which ensures the very best standards for our workers and clients.

Our processes have been designed end to end to ensure full compliance at all times and enables us to provide the highest standard of service.

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